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Best Online French Classes

If you want to learn how to speak French or if you just need to brush up on your skills, you might be considering an online tutor. Online classes often cost less than the brick-and-mortar style classroom, making them a more desirable choice. Another major bonus to online language classes is the ability to not only accommodate a crazy schedule, but also offer a variety of teaching methods such as one-on-one tutoring, small virtual classes, self-led courses, and more.

A recent study found that online classes help students make noticeable improvements in developing language skills and scores.

1 For children, learning a second language early has countless benefits, including greater capacity for problem-solving, memory, and critical thinking. In addition, younger French learners are more likely to be able to retain and use the language, naturally switching back and forth between it and their native tongue.

To help you navigate the many online French language classes available, we researched over 12 different online classes, tried them out, and made a list of our favorites based on various criteria. Here is a list of the best online French classes to help you learn or improve your French, regardless of your goals or skill level.

Guide for Choosing the Best French Classes

Are Online French Classes Worth It?

According to the Census Bureau, French is currently the third most spoken language in the United States.  As such, many believe that French (not Mandarin) is the most business-wise second language that a professional could have. Therefore, for adults, learning French could be a savvy way to build your professional acumen.

For children, learning French (or any foreign language) and a young age leads to increased academic performance across all subjects. It has also been proven to enhance focus and critical thinking abilities.

Comparing Online French Classes

When comparing online French classes, many different factors should be taken into consideration. Every student is different, and so are each of these services. Look through all the factors listed below and use them to develop a list that can help you decide which online program would work best for you. 


Each company hosts its students through either an App, an online website, or a blend of the two. Before selecting your program, consider which platform would suit your lifestyle best. If you are constantly on the go, an app would probably suit you best. If you have a desk in a dedicated workspace, a web-based program could be a great option for you. 

Free Trial:

If you are hesitant or unsure of your commitment level or style of learning, choosing a company that offers a free trial would be a wise choice. This way, you could sample the courses prior to making a financial investment. 

Experience Level:

Most companies offer courses starting at the beginner level. However, not all companies have courses for the more advanced French students. Make sure to explore the catalog to ensure that they have classes or instructors available to meet you at your level of learning. 

Equipment Required:

In order to participate in an online French class, you will need to have access to high-speed internet and a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

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