Terms of service

Terms & Conditions

Students' Responsibilities

Student agrees to be on time for each lesson. Student will wait for Tutor up to 30 minutes in the event that Tutor is late due to unforeseen circumstances. Student will make every attempt to complete any homework agreed to by Student and Tutor. Students will behave in a respectable manner to their peers, tutors as well as the other staff members and maintain appropriate attitude at all times.


Assist Tutor Responsibilities

Assist Tutor and its tutors will prepare suitable lessons for tutoring sessions designed to help students make progress in areas agreed to by Student and Tutor. The lesson plans and the resources will be at the national curriculum standards for all group sessions and personalised for one to one sessions according to the student’s needs. Assist Tutor agrees to provide lessons to students according to the Tutoring Schedule. Assist tutor agrees to provide a suitable environment for group learning. All Tutors, appointed by Assist Tutor, agree to be on time for each lesson. If a Tutor is unable to attend, Assist Tutor will provide a suitable cover for the session. Tutors will wait for Student up to 20 minutes in the event that Student is late to a one to one session and no students will be allowed into a group session if they are late for more than 30 minutes.


Tutors and Clients

Assist Tutor reserves the right to be able to change these terms and conditions whenever they so wish. These changes will be made known to clients and tutors in writing but changes can take place with immediate effect. These terms and conditions are the ultimate agreement when it comes to Assist Tutor, clients and tutors being involved. This means that no other terms and conditions can be put forward and agreed to by any party unless Assist Tutor provides written consent. Assist Tutor also has to agree in writing to alterations of these terms and conditions should any changes be valid. By accepting to participate or use our services, clients and tutors are automatically showing agreement to these Terms and Conditions.


Fees and Payment

The tutor is never paid directly. Assist Tutors manages the payment of all tutors. Instead the client will receive an invoice or a verbal request at the beginning of each payment period (or at time contract is signed) as agreed in this contract, from Assist Tutor. The client must then make sure that Assist Tutor receives payment within fourteen days of the date of the invoice. Where fees are not paid on time Late Payment Charges will apply (see below). The Client will agree to the fee before any tutoring takes place.


Additional costs

The client must agree to any extra expenses with Assist Tutor before any tuition takes place. This might be travel expenses and school and or exercise books.



If a client is not satisfied with the teaching provided by the Tutor, they are entitled to request that Assist Tutor provide an alternative Tutor or group to them on provision of a minimum of 24 hours notice to both Assist Tutors and Tutor. If a client wants to terminate tuition on a permanent basis, the Client is required to give at least 30 days notice of termination to Assist Tutors so that tutors can conclude their work with the Student and plan his/her own future work commitments. When a client finishes a multi-session prepaid course, the tuition automatically continues until the Client gives termination notice to Assist Tutor. Assist Tutor automatically contacts the Client at the end of the multi-session course to determine whether the Client wishes to purchase another block or prepaid sessions or wishes to continue on a monthly invoice basis or terminate.

Cancellation of Monthly & Termly Agreements

The client can terminate monthly contracts at any point but the contract will be valid until the end of the month that the notice is given. The client will pay any outstanding balances until the end of the month that the contract is terminated. The client can not terminate a termly contract before its end date. The client can give written notice at least one month before the end of the termly contract to opt out or cancel the renewal for the new coming term. If notice is not given, termly and monthly contracts will roll over to the new term / month and the client is responsible from any costs that will rise. Monthly and termly contracts are non-refundable. Annual contracts are also classified as termly contracts and terms and conditions apply.  

Missed Lessons

Where Assist Tutor cancels a lesson due to unforeseen circumstances the lessons will be rearranged and agreed with the client. Where a student doesn’t attend a lesson at the agreed / scheduled day, they are more than welcome to recover the hours by attending another lesson at either of our centers. Deductions are not made to fees due unless Assist Tutor fails to cover the lesson being cancelled. For one to one students, Assist Tutor requires that the Client to provide 24 hours notice of any unavoidable schedule changes. In the event that the Client does not provide 24 hours notice of any cancellation of a tuition session, Assist Tutor will charge the Client for any sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours notice (except in unforeseeable situations).


Late Payment Charges

Where fees are not paid within 14 days of the start of the period agreed, there will be an uplift of hourly rate as follows: £10 per hour & where more than 21 days late we would charge £12.50 per hour as opposed to the agreed reduced rate.


No liability is accepted by Assist Tutor for any claim made by a client that is to do with the services provided by Assist Tutor and its staff members. If any misunderstandings have occurred at our premises please send an email to info.assisttutor@gmail.com.


Under no circumstances can the client organise a private arrangement with the tutor that was introduced by Assist Tutor. In this event, the client should expect Assist Tutor to obtain an injunction against them to stop this happening again. The client will also be liable to account to Assist Tutor for the entire amount paid to the Tutor with no reduction in anyway.


Client: Person who signed the contract; parent or guardian.

Assist Tutor: Is the trading name for Assist Learning Ltd