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Further Maths 
Statistics & Mechanics
English Language & Literature


We work hard to help you to achieve your goals, not to set up new ones! A Levels is the beginning of a new life for the students. They will have the chance to fight for a space in a university. The problem is that there are not enough spaces for everyone and there is a great competition for the available ones. Your children deserve the correct support and guidance that we can provide to achieve A and above. Please see the testimonials from our A level students and you will understand how high our achievement rate is. We will be mentors and role models for your children; not just tutors. We will share our experience and prepare them for the next stage mentally and psychologically.

What are we providing
We are offering small group lessons of up to 8 students and 1 to 1 lessons in all A level subjects mainly Maths, Further Maths, Statistics & Mechanics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, Psychology and all other subjects.
Who does teach
Only professional teachers or the highly experienced subject specialist tutors teaches A levels in Assist Tutors. Your satisfaction and improvement is guaranteed.
What is the main objective
Our main objective is to prepare you in the best possible way to unlock all of your abilities to get the highest possible grades in your exams. We will count ourselves successful once you start studying the subject you wished to study in the university you wanted.


How do we teach? 

Each student has his / her unique way of learning. We initially spot the topics where you need the most improvement, through our diagnostic tests. After your initial assessments, we create a personalised program depending on your needs. 
You can get 1 to 1 lessons which is fully personalised for you or you may join to one of our group lessons. We group students based on their abilities and their examination boards. 
We observe your behaviours and the responses throughout the lessons and deliver the knowledge in the easiest and the best possible way that you can learn. With out your learning teaching is meaningless to us. We deliver the best way possible depending on your own way of understanding. 

"How do we assess"

Your progress is important to us. It is also important that you clearly understand every single content of a unit we teach. We teach the topic and go through all of the important points, create a discussion and observe your understanding. We go through all different question types and exercise together with in the group. Once we are satisfied with your understanding we hand you exam style questions of each topics so you can test your understanding. If you can answer these questions we can set up similar questions as homework and then move on to the next topic. Once a unit is completed in this way, we conduct a unit test to give you exam practice.